Four River Stones Paintings Are Off To Idaho!

Last time I mentioned that my old high school friends, M and P, suggested I market my river stone paintings to an audience for whom they’d have special meaning: people who love fly fishing!

P, a fly fisherman himself, explained that folks who love to fish also love artwork that reminds them of their fishing holidays. Genius!

On our way back from Jackson Hole to Ketchum a few weeks ago, we stopped off at South Fork Lodge, an elegant fly fishing resort in Swan Valley, Idaho, just west of the Wyoming border and Grand Tetons National Park. South Fork Lodge exhibits original oil paintings in its lobby and hallways, and I was impressed by the caliber of art on display. I left my business card and then emailed the manager upon my return to Seattle. Hooray- she got back to me right away with an enthusiastic YES. She said their art sales have been on fire this season, the lodge is open until October for guests, and how quickly can I get my paintings down there?

Take a look at the beautiful location here in the lobby walk through video!

Tomorrow, I’m shipping the following four paintings off to South Fork Lodge. Here’s hoping they find some happy homes!