explore. observe. paint.

nature’s hidden worlds just waiting to be noticed.

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contemporary artist

patricia Halsell

Patricia Halsell is an award-winning artist, working primarily in still life and large scale scenes of nature that hover between realism and abstraction. Her paintings reflect her strong environmentalism and love of nature and are featured in multiple museum exhibitions, juried shows, and private collections.

The Brook That Brawls Along This Wood, 18x24.jpg

Patricia halsell is making waves in the seattle art scene with her new series, following the wrong gods home


“It felt almost as if I was crawling along the ground, exploring the miniature pockets of life that stir within the hollows between rocks, wood and soil.

Sitting alone in the silent gallery, immersed in naturally soothing applications of color and layers of stone, I found myself re-visiting walks I would take along the rocky shores of Ireland, or explorations along the stream beds of rural Connecticut; places I call home, that harbor natural safe havens for me to sit alone with my internal narratives and reverberations. Spaces where I could digest my own human experience, and follow in toe the gods that would guide me along my own path to self-progression.”

Yelverton Freeman, Art Curator



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